It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to say that the United States is immersed in an epidemic of obesity. By some estimates, we are the second-fattest country in the world, just behind Australia. Other estimates have us first. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what our ranking is—we’re a fat country. What is shocking even to Colorado family law attorneys, however, is that this epidemic of obesity is finding its way into divorce cases.

A story came out recently that points out that the issue of obesity enjoys a growing role in child custody cases.

Divorce lawyers and other legal experts have noted that with increasing frequency, the health and physical well-being of children, especially as relates to obesity and weight issues, is being brought up in child custody battles.

This is a bit shocking. Have we become that desperate to win every divorce battle that we feel justified in looking at our former partner and saying, “The kid’s fat, and it’s all his (or her) fault?”

There are a lot of issues that go into obesity, and genetics are one of them. If indeed a child is genetically predisposed to be large, that really can’t be claimed to be anyone’s fault—no parent chooses to pass on bad genes to their kids. No parent would choose to have their kid be fat, either: obese kids have rough lives, and nobody can really argue that.

Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t fight for your kids when you undergo a divorce. If you think you’re the best qualified parent, then go for it. But really, there are probably better points to bring up for the courts to examine than the fact that both you and your former spouse let the child get obese.

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