So the news is a couple of weeks old, now but J. Crew President and Creative Director Jenna Lyons is involved in a very messy split with her husband, artist Vincent Mazeau, after splitting up this past summer. Colorado divorce and family law attorneys don’t often see cases with this kind of publicity, because Colorado (like most states) doesn’t have a glut of celebrities, but they are fascinating to watch play out nevertheless.

We certainly live in a celebrity-obsessed culture right now, where people can become famous just for being famous—you don’t even need to do anything except show up at the right parties these days, as celebrities such as Paris Hilton have demonstrated in the past decade or so.  However, splits like this are ripe for the tabloids, because they carry additional bits of “shocking” information, such as the fact that Lyons left her husband for another woman.

This is yet another case where a “power couple,” who were classified by the media as the ultimate in cool and chic, suddenly become embroiled in a war-like battle over assets and settlements.  Fortunately for the couples’ children, word has it that a custody agreement has been reached already.

Lyons’ husband claims that he sacrificed his career for her, and is by all reports seeking their house and a sizeable cash settlement as a result.  Lyons’ attorneys will, no doubt, fight the claims tooth and nail, and the battle that will ensue could be one for the ages. Unfortunately for the voyeurs in our culture, J.Crew is being mum about the details, saying that they absolutely do not discuss the personal or private lives of their associates.

Divorce attorneys who make their livings off of celebrity clients can have their careers made in cases like this.

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