Many couples avoid divorce and stay in bad, even rotten, marriages because they feel obligated to stay together for the sake of their children. Common sense and conventional wisdom tells us in the modern era that this is a bad idea—as traumatic as divorce can be for kids, it can be far worse to continually set a bad example by going through the motions of an unhappy marriage.

More importantly, the divorce, no matter how difficult the split, does not have to be a bitter and psychodrama-fraught process for children, if the parents and their Denver divorce attorneys go through the process with the proper outlook and priorities. What this means is that for couples with children who go through the process of divorce, keep the kids in mind at all times.

For example—when it comes time for child custody discussions, think hard about what’s really best for the kids. No matter what your spouse may have done to you, has he or she been a good, caring, and strong parent? Try to look at this through eyes uncolored by your current anger over what’s happening. Does there have to be a battle, or can custody be shared? Is it better to uproot the kids’ entire lives, or to let them continue as they have, and work out good visitation?

They say that becoming a parent—at least for most people—changes one’s priorities; the children and their welfare become first in the mind of the parent.

Unfortunately, sometimes divorcees forget this shift in priorities, when such a simple thing could make a monumental change in how smooth the divorce goes. If a parent is capable of putting their own interests aside in favor of what’s good for the kids, much of the selfish bitterness inherent in divorce proceedings can fall by the wayside and make mediation much smoother.

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