Perjury Condemns Wife in Husband Shooting Case

Here's another bizarre case for the records.  After her husband was shot and killed, a Durango County woman has been arrested and charged with perjury in an investigation following the sentencing of the shooter, her own brother.  Perjury is a crime that no Colorado criminal defense lawyer wants to deal with, as it naturally pokes serious holes in the credibility of any case. The Random House ... Read More

Kris Humphries Claims Fraud, Files for Annulment from Marriage to Kim Kardashian.

Despite an existing prenuptial agreement, NBA star Kris Humphries is gearing up for what is doubtless going to be a long and hard-fought legal battle against heiress and reality TV-star Kim Kardashian, filing for an annulment and suing on the grounds that their 72-day marriage was nothing but a fraud. Though not generally in such high profile, this kind of battle is one that many Colorado divorce ... Read More

Afternoon Shooting Suspects in Custody

On Friday afternoon, a teenager was shot in the neck and dropped off at an Aurora County hospital. Police are currently investigating the shooting, and have two suspects in custody.  It's too early to say exactly what happened, but certainly their Colorado criminal defense attorneys are going to have a lot to go through as the case unravels. According to reports, several parties were involved ... Read More

As the Holidays Approach, Think of the Kids

Colorado divorce and family law attorneys have to watch, withstand, and get caught in the middle of a great deal of heartache, pain, and stress as they act as mediators and litigators in difficult divorce proceedings every day.  One thing that all parties should always try to keep in mind is that there are innocent victims to many divorces, these being the children of the separating parties.  Ch... Read More

Bizarre Accusations around Former Arapahoe Sheriff

In a case that seems straight out of an episode of Law and Order, on Friday former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan was formally charged in court in a drugs-for-sex case, the charges including three felonies and one misdemeanor. The charges surrounding the case are bizarre and surprising, even for a seasoned Colorado criminal defense lawyer. Sullivan was jailed Tuesday after a sting operati... Read More

Fugitive Accidentally Shoots Accomplice

22-year-old Joshua Ringold, a murder fugitive in Mesa County, CO, eluded police after nearly being arrested following his accidental shooting of his own accomplice. The two were sought in the felony home invasion burglary of a Mesa County home. The two homeowners and Ringold's 16-year-old accomplice were shot during the incident; the accomplice died. There's going to be a lot for Colorado crimi... Read More

Can Delaying Divorce Save Marriages, or Is It a Recipe for Disaster?

Over half of all marriages end in divorce. This phrase has gone beyond being a simple statistic. It’s gone beyond a warning for young couples entering into matrimony. It’s reached the stage where most people in the U.S. consider it a simple great truism. If you get married, you’ve got a 50-50 shot at success—not odds that most professional Vegas gamblers would take. Divorce has become such... Read More

Colorado Killer Leads Police on Cat-and-Mouse Game

Travis Forbes is a dangerous man, the kind of potential serial killer who even gives Colorado criminal defense lawyers chills. It took police five months to unravel the network of lies, half-truths and fictions he wove around the murder of one young woman and the brutal sexual assault and attempted murder upon a second. Police say there was little doubt that he would've killed again, had they not ... Read More

Burglar on Probation Shoots Elderly Woman

Sometimes our criminal justice system isn't rehabilitative enough. Sometimes punitive justice doesn't work. Colorado criminal defense attorneys fight hard for the rights of the accused, and sometimes that battle goes on outside the courtroom, to ensure that those who are guilty are properly rehabilitated, rather than simply punished and taught to be better criminals before being unleashed back upo... Read More

The Stay-at-Home-Mom: Coping with Divorce

Colorado divorce attorneys see this all the time, and if I may state the painfully obvious for a moment, divorce is a traumatic event that carries serious repercussions to any family. It’s painful, it’s stressful, and it’s probably the most life-changing event through which any person can go. But for a stay-at-home mom, it can be even worse. What do you do when your marriage ends, and you... Read More

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