Police Impersonator Commits Two Robberies

Who hasn't, as a child, enjoyed a good game of "Cops and Robbers?" We all liked to pretend as kids, and many of us spent as much time arguing over who was the cop and who was the robber, as we did actually playing the assigned roles. But what happens when, in real life, the cop becomes the robber? Just such a thing happened-twice-in Denver this week, and the scenario is nightmarish, for Colorado c... Read More

Demi and Ashton: Say It Ain’t So!

Another celebrity divorce? Another Hollywood power couple engaged in a scandalous split that has Colorado divorce attorneys, as well as divorce attorneys and the general public watching with baited breath to see what happens? The heck you say! But Demi and Ashton were such a perfect couple! How could this have happened? Ashton even bought her an expensive car to save their relationship! Okay, o... Read More

Ten-Hour Airbase Standoff Ends with Surrender, Arrest

We see news stories about standoffs all too often these days. A domestic dispute escalates far beyond yelling and screaming, and one party ends up holding the other hostage while police SWAT teams spend hours outside the house, trying to either negotiate with the accused or otherwise force their surrender. The drama plays out before the public's eyes with constant news updates, before the Colorado... Read More

International Custody Case Ends in Plea Agreement

One of the worst nightmares a Colorado divorce and family law attorney can face is when a parent abducts a child and absconds with it in the midst of divorce proceedings. Now, imagine that the abductor not only runs away with the kidnapped child, but manages to leave the country and make it to a place that refuses to extradite or return such children to the proper custodial parent? This sort of... Read More

Clinic Workers Cut Deal to Bring Down Pill Mill

A Colorado criminal law attorney has done his or her job well when not only is the client's rights protected and the sentence proper, but when an even greater crime is stopped in the process. Just such a thing happened recently, when two clinic workers who had been arrested and charged on drug charges were sentenced to time served after they cut a deal to bring down their boss, who operated a clin... Read More

The Obesity Epidemic Hits Divorce – Parents Blamed for Fat Kids?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to say that the United States is immersed in an epidemic of obesity. By some estimates, we are the second-fattest country in the world, just behind Australia. Other estimates have us first. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what our ranking is—we’re a fat country. What is shocking even to Colorado family law attorneys, however, is that this epidemic ... Read More

Sentencing Scheduled in 2010 Colorado School Shooting Case

School shootings are some of the most heinous and tragic events imaginable. Colombine didn't start the phenomenon, but it did change the landscape-ever since then there seems to have been a spate of shootings, not just at schools, but at shopping malls, even in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Colorado has seen its share since that fateful day in 1999, and everyone dreads hearing about another ... Read More

Domestic Abuse Awareness and Education

October, which ended a couple of weeks ago, is traditionally deemed Domestic Violence Awareness Month—a time for us all to sit back and reflect on our duties and responsibilities as citizens where domestic abuse is concerned. This is an issue of exceptional importance to Colorado divorce and family law attorneys, but it is also an issue of extreme importance to the public at large, and sadly is ... Read More

Police Arrest Uncle for Kidnapping Missing Teen

And you thought your custody battle was tough?  What if your teenaged child vanished in the middle of a bitter custody battle and remained missing for fifteen months? It’s the sort of story that haunts the nightmares of every divorcing couple and their Denver divorce attorneys. And yet, This very thing happened in Colorado, and police just located the missing teen, alive and unharmed. His uncle... Read More

Nearly 450 DUI Arrests Occur over Halloween Weekend

Looks like Denver DUI Attorneys stand to be pretty busy over the coming weeks and months! This past Halloween weekend, Colorado State Police, along with 95 other law enforcement agencies all across the state began a major crackdown in enforcement of drunk driving laws; the result was 447 arrests of drivers under suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Across the state, Denver posted the most ar... Read More

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