Another celebrity divorce? Another Hollywood power couple engaged in a scandalous split that has Colorado divorce attorneys, as well as divorce attorneys and the general public watching with baited breath to see what happens? The heck you say! But Demi and Ashton were such a perfect couple! How could this have happened? Ashton even bought her an expensive car to save their relationship!

Okay, okay. So it’s really not a surprise at all. Breaking the news that some superstar Hollywood couple is splitting up is kind of like saying, “McDonald’s serves hamburgers.” But we are a celebrity-obsessed culture, and watching these episodes play out is the pinnacle of our voyeuristic glee as a society. There is, however, some usefulness to be gotten out of watching a Hollywood divorce case play out.

“What good comes of this?” you ask.

Well, a Hollywood divorce, just like everything else in Hollywood, contains all of the elements that tend to play out in many divorces everywhere, just blown up to levels of extremity and grandiosity that few people ever will encounter. They’re a macrocosm of what a bitter divorce case is. See the following:

  • The ongoing Sara Evans case has the drama of child custody battles played out on the public stage.
  • Kim Kardashian’s divorce case is the very picture of a Vegas wedding, where two people wake up the next morning and wonder what the heck they just did last night.
  • Ashton and Demi’s divorce reeks of accusations of infidelity and betrayal.

Yes, it all reads like a soap opera. But it also serves as an example, in many cases, of how exactly not to pursue a divorce proceeding. Many divorce attorneys, observing these things play out, simply put their faces in their palms, and shake their heads. If you’re going through a divorce, you could do worse than to look at some of the celebrity splits to see how you shouldn’t go about it.

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