eyesA violent domestic dispute has led reality star Evelyn Lozada to file for divorce from her pro-football player husband of six weeks, Chad Johnson.

Castle Rock divorce lawyers understand that despite Johnson’s desperate attempts to win her back after headbutting her and causing her to require stitches, she hasn’t budged. He has since gotten a large tattoo of her face on his leg and has publicly stated he won’t grant her a divorce.

The truth, however, is that if she is moving forward with it, he won’t have a choice.

While every divorce requires some amount of pre-planning, those relationships that involve domestic violence must involve especially careful planning.

Not everyone may have the kind of financial resources that Lozada does, but one should have to live in fear. However, that is typically one of the reasons domestic violence victims stay as long as they do. And it’s not just physical fear – it’s the worry about how they will provide for themselves and their children financially. Plus, abuse has a way of wearing down a person emotionally, causing them to question their own worth and ability to be independent.

It is possible to make a new, safe life for yourself. We can help.

Some of the considerations you will need to make:

Be careful with whom you discuss your intentions: If your spouse is violent, he or she may take steps to harm you or your children in order to pressure you to stay or punish you for leaving. Keep your discussions limited to your lawyer and maybe one other person you trust unequivocally. Don’t even tell your children.

Make your lawyer the first phone call you make: if you can do so safely. Your attorney will be able to advise you on the steps you will need to take in order to secure legal custody of your children, gain temporary and permanent protection orders for you and your children and where to go if you have no other place.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911: If you can not safely escape or take your children with you, you can arrange for temporary protective custody. This does not mean you will lose custody – it simply means a judge will decide at a later date.

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