Aggravated Robbery Suspect Pleads Guilty

A Highlands Ranch man accused of a home invasion robbery - as well as a string of other felonies - last year has pleaded guilty at his arraignment. Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers understand that although shots were fired, no one was severely hurt, and authorities are saying the crime was drug-related. The defendant, who was just 18 at the time of his arrest, was facing more t... Read More

Castle Rock Man Charged in BUI Death

A Castle Rock man is facing criminal charges in the Sept. 2 death of a grandfather who was boating with his daughter and grandchildren. Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys understand that the grandfather died as a result of a boating collision in Nebraska. Although this was an out-of-state incident, Colorado is home to some two dozen rivers and 2,000 lakes and reservoirs. The conseq... Read More

Divorcing Amid Domestic Violence

A violent domestic dispute has led reality star Evelyn Lozada to file for divorce from her pro-football player husband of six weeks, Chad Johnson. Castle Rock divorce lawyers understand that despite Johnson's desperate attempts to win her back after headbutting her and causing her to require stitches, she hasn't budged. He has since gotten a large tattoo of her face on his leg and has publicly st... Read More

Teacher to be Tried on Sex Abuse Charges This Month

A former high school English teacher and wrestling coach is set to stand trial this month on sex abuse charges. Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers understand the 33-year-old is accused of maintaining a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student three years ago. He is charged with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust. This is a felony under Colorado Law, and a con... Read More

Crime In Castle Rock Increases

Although crime had been on the decline over the last several years, local law enforcement are reporting a recent spike over the last 12 months. Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers understand that property crimes in particular are on the rise, with burglaries climbing by about 17 percent and fraud increasing by about 8 percent. Assaults were also up slightly, by about 4 percent, while robberi... Read More

Castle Rock Divorce Lawyers Advise Against Public Displays of Frustration

Very few Castle Rock divorces are going to be free of frustration. However, our Castle Rock divorce attorneys strongly advise against any public expression of that, particularly if you haven't first cleared it with your attorney. That's because once you enter your thoughts, emotions or observations into a public forum, they become fair game for your ex to submit to the court as evidence. B... Read More

PTSD As A Criminal Defense In Castle Rock

With more than 2.6 million troops having been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq in recent years, it's been estimated that up to 20 percent may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys know that symptoms of this disorder can manifest in many ways, including criminal conduct. We may see it in the form of domestic violence, as soldiers act out against those... Read More

Your Actions Before Trial Can Impact Outcomes

Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys want to make it clear to clients and potential clients that how you conduct yourself in the time between your arrest and your trial can impact the outcome of your case. No, it won't affect the facts of what allegedly occurred, and it shouldn't be used to directly decide the outcome. However, positive actions - such as maintaining a job or being invol... Read More

Traffic Charges In Colorado Best Handled By Defense Attorney

A woman will face misdemeanor careless driving charges for a double-fatal wreck in a suburb of Boulder, in which a man and his daughter were killed and another girl was seriously injured. Our Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers know that situations like this are tragic, and there is no joy even in a court victory because the person accused of being at-fault is going to live for the rest of her... Read More

So-Called “Victims” Often Acting Out Of Revenge

Two Douglas County women have been charged by sheriff's deputies with faking a hate crime against themselves in order to get back at neighbors in their well-to-do condominium association. This case is interesting to our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys because it's rare that officials will move forward with charges against a so-called "victim" who has fudged or flat-out lied about the d... Read More

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