Validity of Castle Rock Marijuana DUI Debated

The issue of marijuana DUI in Castle Rock has been raising a number of questions among those in the legal community, here and across the country. Our Castle Rock marijuana DUI attorneys know that while it is illegal to drive while intoxicated on any substance, the issue of how that is measured has created a very gray area in terms of the law. This is illustrated in one case that was highli... Read More

Murder Accessory Suspects Get Probation

Two women, both accused of two charges each of accessory to murder in Castle Rock, have been sentenced to probation. Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys know that generally, accessory to murder under Colorado Statute 18-8-105 is a Class 5 felony, punishable by 1 to 3 years in prison. In order for a person to be charged as an accessory to a crime in Colorado, they have to be found re... Read More

Felony Charges in Castle Rock Result in 111-Year Prison Term

A man who reportedly shot a police officer was convicted on several Castle Rock felony charges, and ultimately sentenced to 111 years in prison. Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys recognize that attempted murder and aggravated assault charges can net serious penalties. Having an experienced attorney at your side when you're facing these type of allegations can make all the difference ... Read More

Doll used in Denver Domestic Violence

Dolls are not usually a weapon of choice noted in many Denver domestic violence cases. However, our Denver domestic violence defense attorneys understand that a police officer, accused of beating his girlfriend, alleges she actually attacked him. That in and of itself wouldn't be noteworthy, except that the weapon she reportedly used to carry out the attack was a Justin Bieber pop star doll. ... Read More

Felonies Faced by Juveniles Mulled by Lawmakers

Far too many children are being convicted of adult felony crimes in Castle Rock and throughout the state. That's according to Colorado lawmakers who want to make it tougher for prosecutors to "direct file" juveniles as adults at their own discretion. Our Castle Rock felony defense attorneys have seen firsthand cases in which overzealous prosecutors have unfairly filed adult charges on youn... Read More

Denver Marijuana DUI Laws Debated

Lawmakers are mulling over a Denver marijuana DUI statutes might require some revisions. Our Denver marijuana DUI defense attorneys are not in favor of any measure that impedes on the right of patients to use marijuana for medical ailments. According to The Associated Press, a bill is being debated that would render someone impaired if they test positive for more than 5 nanograms of THC, ... Read More

Felony Arrests in Denver: Cases of Mistaken Identity

There is an alarming trend in Colorado that is gaining national notoriety: mistaken identity in cases of Denver felonies. Our Denver felony defense attorneys understand that the latest case happened as authorities were chasing down the "32 bandit," wanted on a host of robbery charges in the area. According to Denver 9 News, a man was on his way home on East Quincy Avenue when he was pulled... Read More

Ignition Locks Could Be Mandated by the Federal Government for DUI Offenders

Colorado, along with Texas, has led the pack in the number of ignition interlock devices installed for DUI offenders. Texas has over 33,000 devices in use, while Colorado has 17,000 in use. If the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act passes, the federal government may mandate the use for all DUI offenders. Tucked into this bill is a portion that would make installing ignition interlock d... Read More

Denver Police Crack Down on Marijuana Growers

This past week had Denver police officers kept busy with an operation referred to as "Operation Sweet Leaf" that has sixteen people charged with racketeering, marijuana distribution and money laundering. Police swept the city and raided dozen of homes across the metro Denver area thought to be part of a large marijuana growing operation. The homes were found in Adams County, Weld County, Broo... Read More

Douglas County Deputy Arrested for DUI After Causing Pile-Up on I-25

The New Year isn't off to a good start for a Douglas County Sherriff's Office Deputy, who was arrested for a DUI just before lunch on January 1st. The deputy has been a member of the Special Operations Response Team, which responds to disturbances at the local jail. This was no small incident either. The Denver Post reported that the off-duty deputy braked abruptly in his Ford Escape on northbo... Read More

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