Firefighter Impersonator May Take Plea Deal

A Denver man is facing misdemeanor criminal charges of impersonating a firefighter in Fort Collins. Our Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers believe this is a case that's worth exploring because despite the fact that it seems relatively rare, with the fires that  have raged in Colorado Springs and beyond, we're likely to see more instances like this. The defendant in this case has been ch... Read More

Douglas County Sex Crimes Defense Wins Small Victory in Teacher Case

A former teacher and wrestling coach at Mountain Vista High School is facing allegations of sexual assault against a child by a person in a position of power, stemming from a reportedly consensual relationship he had with a 17-year-old female student, and two others who were 18. Our Castle Rock  criminal defense lawyers know that if convicted, the defendant faces up to 12 years in prison. It's... Read More

Colorado Drug and Gun Crime Convictions Carry Stiff Penalties

Castle Rock drug defense lawyers know that when it comes to these cases, absent solid evidence of innocence, it's often best to aggressively negotiate a favorable plea deal that will include a focus on treatment, rather than prison. Not only does this aid the defendant in Castle Rock drug crime cases, society as a whole benefits when people battling the demons of addiction are given the oppor... Read More

Allegations Of Crimes Against Elderly In Castle Rock Require Strong Defense

More and more law enforcement agencies are focusing on pursuing Castle Rock criminal charges for crimes perpetuated against elderly residents. Our Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers know that according to Colorado Criminal code 18-6.5:01 and 18-6.503, crimes against the elderly (known formally under the law as an "at-risk adult"), the penalties are increased. For example, if you commit a... Read More

Castle Rock Theft Charges Stem From Foreclosure Case

It may be difficult to understand how you could be slapped with Castle Rock theft charges simply for staying in your own home. However, our Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers expect we may seeing more of these types of cases, as the implosion of the housing market has left many people underwater and foreclosed upon. This was a case in which an individual who once owned a home in the Bell... Read More

Law Enforcement More Knowledgeable About Identity Theft

Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers want you to be aware that local law enforcement has boosted its training with regard to identity theft. It's likely that there are going to be more arrests in the coming months and years for incidents of fraud, forgery, mail fraud, identity theft and other similar felony offenses . In fact, more than 50 law enforcement officers from more than 21 local, ... Read More

Substance Abuse Leads to Felony Charges in Damage of $30M Painting

There are just some cases that Castle Rock felony defense lawyers have no doubt involves some issue of mental illness, substance abuse - or both. While mental illness is not accepted in our society the same way as say, cancer, we are slowly coming around and our judicial system is beginning to reflect that. Such was the case for a woman accused of felony criminal mischief after damaging a $3... Read More

Drug Crime Defense: Keeping it in the Family

Castle Rock drug crimes have been known in some cases to involve family members. Felony defense attorneys assume the idea is that you need people around you that you can trust. But when it falls apart, entire families can be destroyed. That appears to be the case by two large drug trafficking rings that were recently brought down by federal agents in Denver. One was run by a brother, the o... Read More

Bath Salts Behind Growing Number of Castle Rock Crimes

Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys have noticed a marked increase in the number of cases involving so-called "bath salts." Contrary to the moniker, it's not the fizzy stuff you toss in the tub. We're talking about a group of synthetic compounds create symptoms similar to cocaine, PCP and LSD, but with higher-than-usual levels of paranoia and violence. Following a federal emergency ban ... Read More

Sex Crimes Defense: Educate Yourself on Teen Sexting

Normally, our Castle Rock sex crimes attorneys wouldn't advise our clients to heed the advise of detectives. However in this case, we believe teens can avoid a Castle Rock sex crimes charge stemming from a youthful indiscretion. It involves the issue of "sexting." Douglas County Sheriff's Office detectives made rounds late last month at local schools, advising parents and teens on how t... Read More

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